2016 Nissan MAXIMA SR Black Pack Details, Track Test Video and 99 New Photos

maxima sr blackThe 2016 Maxima is finally arriving!  The new 4DSC is one of Nissan’s biggest launches for 2015 — and the company is going all-out to rev up excitement among loyalists.

Nissan just revealed its sport styling parts, and they are right up our alley. Gloss-black 19-inch wheels with matching black diffuser and trunk spoiler are deeply cool. The side sills are a contrast metallic grey and really help deliver some concept-car stance to the sportiest Maximas.

Pricing from $32k to around $39k is detailed in the animated configurator mid-way down the page, along with colors and tech specs.


2016 Nissan MAXIMA SR Black Pack Parts


Embedding a new AMCI track test video of the Maxima at Buttonwillow raceway. Dynamically and at speed, the Maxima is quite cool and fresh. It looks exceptionally long, low and wide at speed, with a butch jawline and full-frame grille making a handsome statement.

The video here is a bit like the 5th Gear track laps where you can see two cars around the same corner. A ghost trace on the BMW 328i competitor for the new Maxima is informative and interesting, with a bit of full-throttle engine note to enjoy as well.

The car is not quite as sexy in the official press photos. Its lines are challenging but marked out by interesting panel surfacing, Audi-like nose and tail LED quality (delivered in all-new shapes), plus a chic floating roof and hidden pillars. The black glasshouse will look stunning with some tinted glass, matching the gloss-black bumper and A-pillar in visual aggression.

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