2015 Range Rover Sport SVR – Track Video at Monticello + 140 New Photos

UPDATED 6.15.15

Fresh video and a huge photo set of the new RRS SVR around Monticello Country Club! The truck sounds fantastic and displays very little body roll in this five-tenths track drive — which bodes very well for the sportiest Range Rover of all time. Will it be able to cut it with the deeply impressive Grand Cherokee SRT, X5M and Porsche Cayenne? What about the new GLE63 AMG — which will come in both standard SUV shape and a new X6-like GLE Coupe?

That remains an open question. The 162-mph Vmax and 4.5-second official 60-mph sprint times are fantastic for a Range Rover……. but are off the pace versus the X5M and Cayenne Turbo.RR_Sport_SV-R_Estoril_Blue_096_(109402)

But feast your eyes on these details outside and in. The exterior and interior both take massive doses of F-Type R — and the result is a big leap toward actual sportiness for the RRS.

Adaptability and adjustability continue to be major RRS strengths, however. Despite all the carbon-fiber throughout, new bodywork front and rear, Brembo brakes under huge alloys, and race-ready seats — the SVR still promises offroad prowess to shame any of the above competitive set.

If the tuner aftermarket is any indication, the SVR will find droves of willing buyers seeking the hottest and most-exclusive Range Rover Sport yet.

The SVR is priced from $110,000 and is available to order now from Land Rover dealerships worldwide.




2015 Range Rover Sport SVR Exterior

2015 Range Rover Sport SVR Interior


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