HAMANN Presents Dueling Good/Evil 2015 BMW M4 Art Cars

 HAMANN 2015 BMW M4 Art Cars

Good and evil?! That is a stretch — they are both beyond good. The first HAMANN Art Car 2015 M4 is the white-base example, with the second a dark base.

Timo Wuerz handled the design of the dark car, with its brush-strokes all swept back by the wind of a racetrack. An explosion of reds and yellow flame tones emerge from the BMW roundel up front, contrasted with the dark blues and black swipes of the clean edges.

They are both quite striking, to say the least.

The white car employs a friendlier color palatte with or ribbon-like flowing colors. We enjoy both and love their hommage to the revered BMW Art Car program that has customized around two dozen cars since the mid-1970s in Paris, where the idea was born.


HAMANN 2015 BMW M4 Art Cars


HAMANN at the Top Marques 2015:

Hamann presents the M4 as “moving work of art”


  • At the Top Marques, car refiner Hamann presents M4 version as true explosion of colours
  • “Moving work of art” – a creation of Timo Wuerz, the “rock star in the comic scene”
  • Rear wing in GT3 style made of carbon fibre reinforced GRP composite material dominates the aerodynamics kit
  • Front spoiler, bonnet and rear spoiler impress with elements made of high-quality visible carbon fibre
  • Increased output to up to 517 hp (380 kW) ensures noticeable performance upgrade of the muscular sports coupé
  • Impressive wheel/tyre combination of Hamann’s 21-inch “Anniversary Evo” light-alloy wheels and high-performance Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R tyres


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