1088HP RIMAC Concept_One eHypercar Nearing Production + Now Raceable in DRIVECLUB

RIMAC Concept_OneThree massive tech leaps have lowered the barriers to hypercar creation dramatically:

— affordable cad-cam and engineering software

— small-batch carbon fiber chassis and panel creation

— electric propulsion to deliver the power of race-car gasoline engines, but with all companies essentially starting from the same block. Years of experience are no longer (as big of…) an advantage for EV supercars

Without any of the above, designing and creating a car from scratch easily required banks of computer servers and million-dollar industrial panel stampers.

Therefore, the time is right for startup tech companies all over the world to take the Tesla EV model into the hypercar segment.2015 RIMAC Concept_One EV Hypercar 10 2015 RIMAC Concept_One EV Hypercar 1



2015 RIMAC Concept_One EV Hypercar 42

RIMAC of Croatia is scoring some serious victories lately on its route to producing the Concept_One EV hypercar. The firm landed $10-million investment to bring forward its eAWD tech to production. The RIMAC Concept_One has also scored with a tech and pace-car partnership with the new Formula E racing series — taking the cars around the world and showcasing the brand among hardcore EV fans.

Last bit of news from RIMAC?  The Concept_One is now race-able in the new DRIVECLUB PS4 game.

All good things.

We love the slinky and ultra-low, ultra-wide design stance of the RIMAC — and are extremely impressed by the design details, as well. The LED headlamps are a particular highlight — and showcase the fantastic production values RIMAC can achieve on its route to sell this hypercar for an estimate $550,000 by mid-2016.

Enjoy 150 photos of this sexy supercar below, plus links to Rimac’s website for more info on the company.

2015 RIMAC Concept_One EV Hypercar 29

2015 RIMAC Concept_One EV Hypercar 44 2015 RIMAC Concept_One EV Hypercar 124 2015 RIMAC Concept_One EV Hypercar 138 2015 RIMAC Concept_One EV Hypercar 152

RIMAC Concept_One



2015 RIMAC Concept_One EV Hypercar 91 2015 RIMAC Concept_One EV Hypercar 75 2015 RIMAC Concept_One EV Hypercar 69

May 14. 2015

The romance continues…

With a busy schedule at the FIA Formula E season, the Rimac Concept_One finaly caught a brake to relax and go back where it all started. We have used the time to head down to the south of Croatia, to the beautiful island of Pag and enjoy the scenery of one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world.

This is where it all started for the Concept_One. Before the world premiere in Frankfurt back in 2011, this was the place where we took the first secret shoots of our concept car. Coming back with the pre-production car was a homage to that moment. Chasing the sun through the fast and sharp curves of the tarmac snake that hugs the island has never been this special. We had a wonderful time – pure magic.

The Concept_One will soon put it’s name in the history books as one of the rare cars that didn’t just took from the racing world, but gave back. We have started with racing and now we are coming back to another stage. Our Rimac Automobili All Wheel Torque Vectoring system is going to debut in a 1+ MW race car very soon. So stay tuned.


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