HD Road Test Review – 2015 Lexus RC350 F Sport – Ultra White in 2 Videos + 200 Photos!

 2015 Lexus RC350 F Sport Review


These are hot times in the sports coupe business, my friends!

Buyers have never had more choices for high-performance, rear-drive vehicles with racy rooflines and track-ready platforms.

Diving head-first into the fray of BMW 4 series, Cadillac ATS, Audi A5 and Infiniti Q60 is the 2015 Lexus RC – a hot new design with five major models starting from $43,000 and hitting $64,000 in the RC-F.

HD Drive Review Video Part One

With standard and F Sport trim levels both offering rear or AWD, the RC350 comes in hot with a standard quad-cam V6 making 306-horsepower through a DirectShift eight-speed automatic. Performance is stout versus the base BMW, Audi and Cadillac engines, with sprints to 60-mph in the mid-fives.

Our test car is the most performance-focused of the V6 models: the F Sport RWD.

The F Sport is a big upgrade for the $4,000 bump in price: this $47,000 stunner packs an F Sport-exclusive Ultra White paint, plus unique nose and tail versus the standard model.

We loved this car, spending an absurd amount of time smiling at the wheel and slicing around corners with its four-wheel-steering and Sport+ adaptive dampers in fully play mode.

In addition to the Exterior, Interior, Performance, Colors and Pricing article sections, this review includes 200 photos of the car and two high-definition drive reviews.

So buckle up and hang on!



A cool sports car should instantly win you over with its rear-drive proportions and sweet design details. Modern and high-tech, the car should look gorgeous and custom right from the factory — no cosmetic mods needed. It conveys aggression, sex appeal and youthfulness effortlessly.


The RC350 F Sport is obviously all of these things. The once-alarming full-frame grille is now a fantastic style statement, finished with black chrome on its pinched spindle point, with micro-dot LED foglamps making the night-time look even cooler. Quad HID projector beams are incredibly illuminating — with all front lighting in a matching 4K white hue.

The grille is otherwise black and cross-hatched with brake cooling intake ducts in its lower corners. The bottom of the grille is a dark titanium, allowing the F Sport to look low and mean in any rear-view mirror.

The free-standing LED arrowheads are cool, as always, but it is the overall stance and hood-length that gets your attention next.

Long and low with a cab-backward style, the hood feels far wider and lower than the new IS.


The fenders roll outward in a subtle flare, with a soft crease peeling up the car’s beltline and toward the high-mounted taillamps on the trunk. Below this line, the rear fenders have a giant bulge to cover the wheels. It rides low and long – with the pinched rear-quarter glass making a fast-moving point toward the C-pillars.

The F Sport body includes a deep sill extension with rear flip in its surface, nicely highlighting the planted stance and tiny overhangs.


The RC’s tail is all-new, looking more advanced and technical than any Lexus so far, aside from the LF-A.

Blocky graphics of the trunk-top are chopped and angle downward in a cascade from the trunk to the rear fenders. Far wider is the lower bumper itself, with carved-in black fender louvres a style flash exclusive to the F Sport.

Pinched square exhaust outlets are flush-mounted in a contrast-black diffuser portion of the bumper.

The bottom line of the style: the RC350 F Sport looks incredibly cool and desirable. It is far more chic and smart than the factory ATS or 428i, which needs an M Sport pack and custom wheels to match this style. No ATS or A5 bar the ATS-V looks as fast and unique versus the sedans.

HD Drive Review Video Part Two

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