2015 Maserati Quattroporte GTS Wows Amelia Island With Gloss-Black Detailing

 2015 Maserati Quattroporte GTS

UPDATED 3.21.15

The GTS is great to see in the flesh. Finally captures a bit of the QP panache in this new LWB chassis.

Would still definitely benefit from less chrome and a blacked-out look for all the wheels and tail brightwork in addition to the grille.

2015 Maserati Quattroporte GTS

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Is the Maserati Quattroporte still the sexiest limo on the market in this latest sixth-gen model?

For many eyes, nothing beats Italian glamour in a leathery four-door sedan. The rarity of the idea is itself pretty tittilating versus the dry and cold German alternatives, or the lush and colorful English brands that might be a bit too cuddly for some.

The Quattroporte draws from an enviable set of clients. Mercedes-Benz might have its sponsorship all over New York and Berlin Fashion Week — but the Quattroporte has always been designed to appeal to Vogue Italia readers.

These are stiletto-sharp people who might also read Vogue China — so as to stay globally aware of fashion and style trends.

As far as the crocodile-loafers and Ferregamo gentlemen, the above scenario does not apply directly. But everyone knows a beautiful passenger is the best accessory available — and men will love the Quattroporte for how sexy it is to their leading lady/ladies.

All this appeal stood strong for the fifth-gen QP, as the big Maserati four-door is known in short-hand. But frankly, the fifth-gen car was extremely compromised. Its rear-transaxle design ensured lots of tail-happy oversteer and handling balance, but also brought a persnickety CambioCorsa that was ready and willing to ruin any smooth shift attempt in urban areas.

The autobox was finally replaced by the end of the old Quattroporte’s run, but other issues remained — limiting the Quattroporte’s practical appeal in the executive limo market.

It rode very choppily, was tight in back, and tighter in the trunk. Fuel economy was abysmal and servicing intervals often raised eyebrows and demanded big investments to keep this big QP running.

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The new Quattroporte, we are thrilled to report, banishes almost all these skeletons from the closet.

It is smooth and posh at all times with the best trim level available in the USA: the S Q4 model with all-wheel-drive and eight-speed automatic.

The cabin is still hugely leather-lined and every aspect of the roominess and comfort is astronomically improved. The back seat is huge now, thanks to a near-ten-inch wheelbase stretch and far better packaging with minimal axle hump intrusion.

Quietness and cabin tech, long old QP sore points, are not even comparable. This car glides where the old QP shunted between potholes. The tech suite is finally current and usable, while the vast amount of leather and cabin trim options remains.

QP wheels colors



All these enhancements do, slightly, curb some of the Quattroporte’s sultry previous appeal. The car still looks sexy in motion but is taller and less unique in profile than the previous model. The nose is very angle-sensitive and is not always totally gorgeous, regretfully.

Performance from the new twin-turbo V6 is 4.8-seconds to 60 mph, which is only 0.2-seconds slower than the superflagship GTS model that is $35,000 more expensive in the US market. The twin-turbo V8 with 120 extra horsepower barely moves more quickly to 60-mph than this V6TT. AWD and a big launch event keep them relatively even in the short 60-mph sprint, but the V8 is much quicker in real-world driving thanks to its nearly 200-pound-feet of extra torque.

Oh yes, the Ferrari engine design and manufacture for Maserati is still alive and well. As such, this is the best-sounding turbo V6 ever. Lovely. The exhaust bellow is still a rorty Italian snort.

For displacement and cylinder snobs, the power of this engine might still seem undercut by it being a V6 whatsoever versus a V8, but QP SQ4 is quick and eager and sounds amazing.

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2015 qp gif


As though really tailored to the sales process as much as being smooth as butter this generation, the new QP is seriously easy to buy.

No special order is necessary this time. They are all pretty lavish and there are seven or so key options to ensure your Quattroporte is youthful and fashionable and sexy.

QP wheels colors QP cabin colors




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