2015 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Inside and Out from Amelia Island

Updated 3.16.15

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We are starting to see the logic behind Mercedes-Maybach. The second rebirth of this brand is now a much more subtle affair. That goes for the sales experience as well as the curb appeal of the car. The biggest change for the new Maybach versus the previous generation or the Rolls-Royce Phantom/Bentley Mulsanne competition is all about subtly. Like it or not, from afar this is just a blend-in S-Class limo.

It takes time up close to see its unique grille detailing, polished-alloy window surrounds, or gigantic saucer wheel designs. These are all nice touches, but pale in comparison with the back seat of the new Maybach S600. The wood-lined rear cabin is actually quite impressive – even over a standard S65 or S65.  Our favorite detail? The flowing cowls that wrap around the back of each throne of a seat. 2015 Mercedes-Maybach S600 16 2015 Mercedes-Maybach S600 21 2015 Mercedes-Maybach S600 35


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The “Mystery of the C-pillar” has now been solved!

When the long-rumored Mercedes-Benz S-Class ‘Pullman’ was running around this year, it wore only the slightest camouflage disguise, and on one of the places you would least expect it: behind the rear doorframe.

What could be so special in that region as to require a disguise, yet let the rest of the car run camo-free?

We now know that it is a subtle change in the arc of the S-Class roofline that marks out the new Mercedes-Maybach S500 and S600 limousines. This brings a much softer and curved chrome element to the C-pillar, along with a more upright roof angle overall.

Other changes to the S-Class include more chrome on the window surrounds of the B-pillar versus gloss-black on the S-Class, unique wheels, a special Mercedes-Maybach ‘Double M’ crest badges, and an overall softness to the styling. These changes are actually very effective at making the new MM S600 feel unique versus the Mercedes-Benz S600 — which we now think of as a personal or civilian vehicle.

This one is designed largely for the 0.001-percent crowd. Those with more than $1-billion under their management. This means royals, a few super executives, and government big-wigs — for the most part.

The Mercedes-Maybach S600 really dials up the luxury ambiance inside versus outside. Matching these austere times, the interior is as outrageously lavish as the exterior is subtle and tries to blend in.

This S600 has leather-wrapped and quilted padding throughout the cabin — with what is likely double the square-footage of the softest cow-hides versus the regular S-Class. Not sure if anyone is counting, but we estimate that a herd of more than 36 head of cattle devoted their lives to the skin of each Mercedes-Maybach S600.

Huge headroom, snazzy pillows and a twin-throne rear seat setup matches the car’s new mission as a chauffeur-driven affair — along with a voice-amplifier intercom to yell at the driver up front… without raising your voice in back. Inside the MM is, Mercedes claims, the quietest car interior of any vehicle. Ever.

That speaks to the mission of the MM S600 —

ride softly, but carry big-wigs.

2015 Mercedes-Maybach S600

Amelia Island


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