Updated With 45 New Photos – 2015 nanoFlowcell QUANT F

2015 nanoFlowcell QUANT FQuant is back in Geneva this year with a new evolution of the Quant E from 2014 – now packing 500 extra horsepower, a new transmission and drivetrain, a bright red color outside, new LED headlights and fresh wheels.

The 2014 nanoFlowcell eSportLimousine prototype was recently approved for road use in Europe, so production reality is coming along nicely for this cool supercar. Imagine a Tesla Model S crossed with a Porsche 918 Spyder, and you have the $350,000 estimated price point of the eventual production model.


 2015 nanoFlowcell QUANT F



nanoFlowcell_AG_QUANT_F_Frontalansicht_mit_offenen_Fluegeltueren nanoFlowcell_AG_QUANT_F_Frontalansicht_mit_offenen_Fluegeltueren - Copy nanoFlowcell_AG_QUANT_F_Heckansicht - Copy nanoFlowcell_AG_QUANT_F_Heckansicht nanoFlowcell_AG_QUANT_F_Seitenansicht nanoFlowcell_AG_QUANT_F_Seitenansicht - Copy nanoFlowcell_AG_QUANT_F_Seitenansicht - Copy - Copy 17_quant-f


nanoFlowcell AG presents new QUANT F in Geneva


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