2015 Kia SPORTSPACE Concept in 20 New Photos + Powertrain Details

2015 Kia Sportspace conceptUpdated 2.27.14 With 20 New Photos2015 Kia SPORTSPACE Concept - Latest Photos 3

Half of these are official shots from Kia, and the other half from KoreanCarBlog.

In addition to the pics, Kia confirms that the powertrain is a 250-horsepower turbo four with the firm’s new DCT driving the front wheels. In that regard, the SPORTSPACE’s name is clearly SportSpace… not SportsPace.

2015 Kia SPORTSPACE Concept – Latest Photos



Right when we had almost completely written Kia off as poorly-driving, and poorly-marketed cars aimed at idiots — here comes this stunning SPORTSPACE estate concept for Geneva 2015.

Hitting my fast-wagon passion right in the jugular, the bleeding passion down my neck is almost as red as this SPORTSPACE.

Long, low and sexy — the SPORTSPACE concept packs a gorgeous new design from double-quad LED light-pods back to its low-roofed tail and slimline glasshouse. Inside, things improve perhaps even further, with a full-length center console wrapped in silver leather.

Fantastic design detailing for the seats and control elements are also a highlight. Even the automatic’s PRNDL shifter is nicely done.

The SPORTSPACE is a strong statement of intent and first glimpse of the new Frankfurt-led design team at Kia. We’re very likely to see much of this design ethos on the upcoming 2016 Optima sedan, with Europe even possibly receiving an estate in this shape to battle the Audi A5 Sportback, BMW 428i GT and Passat Estate.

While we try to staunch the shock bleeding from this gorgeous design, it appears Kia is trying to correct its own trajectory with as much vigor.


2015 Kia SPORTSPACE Concept


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