850HP 2016 Aston Martin VULCAN Is All-New Tactical Strike Flagship with 7.0L Racing V12

 2016 Aston Martin VULCAN

WOW! This new Aston Martin flagship has some serious thrills in store for its lucky owners.

Named to honor the famous Avro Vulcan bomber, the Aston Vulcan will seek to match the excitement, adrenaline and glory of the first tactical nuclear strike plane ever produced.

Luckily, this new track-only Aston delivers the goods without any fallout or blowback….

To continue the theme, the Vulcan was designed in a time when nuclear bombs had to still be dropped. Although the ICBM would arrive in the 1960s along with the production bomber, this plane was still a critical part of the US and Allied plan to respond to a Soviet attack.Avro VULCAN Bomber 3 2016 Aston Martin VULCAN 15 2016 Aston Martin VULCAN 11 Avro VULCAN Bomber 4 2016 Aston Martin VULCAN 19

England was thought to be a primary target, so planes were always hot and ready to take off — often assuming the country would be destroyed before they made a return trip. This is the plane the Thunderball bad-guys stole, landed on ocean and stripped of nuclear warheads in the James Bond series.

In a similar way, the Aston Martin Vulcan is something of a last hurrah for the existing Aston tech and the brand’s much-loved V12 engines.

The 7.0-liter racing V12 packs 800-plus horsepower, more than 200 more than any Aston so far. Along with the power, the size and expected price the Vulcan make this a successor for the One-77, but far more intense.

Not Monaco cruiser, this.

Vulcan is a devastating kilo-ton track bomber.

Proof? Just listen to it revving angrily below!

So, a One-77 GTR, if you will. But with all-new style, track-focused dynamics and a massive tech upgrade. Along with these updates, the Vulcan will be far more limited than the 77-copy predecessor. Only 24 of these tactical strike vehicles will be made.

Really surprising amount of gorgeous new detailing and tech in this Vulcan. The cabin is absolutely stunning, as is the tail. The entire roofline and glasshouse are unlike anything seen from Aston before, as is the nose. 2016 Aston Martin VULCAN 14 2016 Aston Martin VULCAN 20 2016 Aston Martin VULCAN 7

This giant new grille dominates the entire front face, with a bluff hood-edge and sunken lighting elements. It is definitely not more-of-the-same in this Vulcan design, that is to be sure. More photos from Geneva will confirm its impact in real-life, but prepare to be duck and cover. Air raid!

Better pick up the red phone call in your order to Aston HQ, Allied Commander!


2016 Aston Martin VULCAN2016-Aston-Martin-VULCAN-8a


  • Geneva global reveal for limited edition, track-only, 7.0-litre V12 supercar
  • Motorsport-developed technology for extreme on-track performance
  • Expert tuition, technical support and experience programme for owners

25 February 2015, Gaydon: Introducing the Aston Martin Vulcan – a track-only supercar and the British luxury brand’s most intense and exhilarating creation to date.

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