986HP, ~2.2s 2016 McLaren P1 GTR Revealed Before Geneva and Catalunya Track Driver Program

 986HP, ~2.2s 2016 McLaren P1 GTR Revealed Before Geneva 2015

The 2016 McLaren P1 GTR is now in full racing mode. Scary-fast and ready to blast out of the pits at the Circuit de Catalunya later this year with the elite crop of owner-drivers who will join the ultimate racing experience.

The P1 GTR is significantly stripped and optimized for track duties versus its P1 road-going hypercar base-point, which was no shrinking violet itself when it comes to extreme performance.

The P1 GTR is an in-house way for McLaren to bring its racing expertise to regular owners, with full pit-crew support and the chance to touch the P1 GTR’s high limits in a relatively controlled and safe environment. While the car is not street-legal for major markets like the US and EU, it will be able to slip through the regulations of less-strict places like the Middle East and the Far East.2016 McLaren P1 GTR Yellow 12-vert

Overall, McLaren is coy about quoting actual performance stats for the P1 GTR so far, as most of the changes have been taken to improve overall lap times versus just basic sprints or Vmax runs.

Even so, we are looking at an extra 200 horsepower from the engine and electric motor units, a drop of an estimated 300-pounds in curb weight via removal of the stereo, airbags, sound deadening material, side glass in favor of polycarbonate, and numerous other upgrades.

As such, we predict conservatively that the P1 GTR will hit 60-mph in just a flash: 2.2-seconds or less. Overall top speed is highly affected by the aero package and gear-set, which are again optimized to wipe your face off around tracks between 20 and 200-mph. Even so, with the adjustable-wing still operational — we could be staring at the bright-yellow face of a future 240-mph-plus P1 GTR right here.

That’s right: faster than the catless racer McLaren F1’s record-breaking 240-mph run is theoretically possible in a customized P1 GTR some time in the future.2016 McLaren P1 GTR Yellow 7 Geneva15_McLaren P1 GTR_16 copy

For now, the style of the wide-track P1 GTR is now even more stunning than the Pebble Beach concept. Extra spats and spoilers up front, a fresh nose clip with less bluntness in its surfacing to channel more air to the radiators, and the Iconel exhaust pipes large enough to stick you arm in up to the shoulder.

We like that the new nose is body-colored now versus a contrast carbon-fiber grey, and we also are thrilled to hear that the giant wing is not fixed — it still maintains its ability to jam upwards to be an air brake, as well as modulate downforce as needed at all times.

Very exciting stuff from McLaren. If you own a P1 and are now ruined in terms of what a fast car feels like, the P1 GTR is the perfect way to recharge your brain with sensory overload. Think of the P1 GTR as a ram-air system for your adrenal glands.

The price?

Your soul!

Just kidding. It is actually a very-reasonable $2-million. =]


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