Best of Houston Auto Show – Vorsteiner 2015 BMW M4 GTRS4 by ELITE Customs TX

vortsteiner gtrs4 m4 eliteLet's say you love the hottest and wildest customs from Germany, like the outrageous GTRS4 by Vorsteiner for the new BMW M4. But you do not live in Germany or near a Vorsteiner installer. What to do?

You have to find a local customs shop with major bodywork and custom fabrication expertise.

Elite Customs and Collision in China Bay, Texas is a go-to place for flawless execution of a major supercar upgrade like shown here. The parts arrive from Germany unpainted and without full instructions, so you want some proof that a shop can handle a job this big and complex with OEM results.

Elite Customs really shows great skill with this incredible GTRS4 conversion. Exposed but black-lacquered carbon-fiber lives inside the new widebody fenders front and rear, while the wheels here look as wide as oil drums. Perfect stance is not easy, but Elite delivered it. The only thing missing appears to be fender-liners, which are likely still in the works for these new ultra-wide hips.

A Meisterschaft active exhaust with visible flaps and giant 4.5-inch quad outlets completes the picture out back. Great stuff from Elite Customs - an M4 has rarely been more aggressive and one-off than this.


Vorsteiner 2015 BMW M4 GTRS4 by ELITE Customs TX


vortsteiner gtrs4 m4 elite



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