2015 Toyota GT86 Brings Aero and Giallo Range-Topping Trims

gt86 aeroToyota GB is eager to keep up the GT86 momentum and magic into the 2015 model-year. The rear-drive sportscar carries a cheaper sticker price on the base Primo trim, with an on-the-road total of £23,000. From £27k, buyers have a choice between the Aero or Giallo manual, with the Aero automatic coming in at £28,500.2015 Toyota GT86 Aero 11 2015 Toyota GT86 Aero 9

The difference is really a choice between a loaded exterior on the Aero, and a loaded cabin on the Giallo. The bodykit and Supra-style spoiler of the Aero are very cool upgrades indeed, with the charcoal-metallic multi-spoke alloys also a nice treat. The Giallo is the clear winner inside, however, with luxurious quilted-leather surfaces and detailing that is exclusive to this model.2015 Toyota GT86 Giallo 18 2015 Toyota GT86 Giallo 19

2015 Toyota GT86 Aero





2015 Toyota GT86 Giallo



gt86 aero

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