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Dodge is thrilled to have the Viper back in the fold for 2015: a price cut of $15,000 for the base trim is only part of the plan to reinvigorate this lethal snake.

The second part is to give the Viper some more screen time. Remember the excitement about the 1994 Viper TV series!? We were 12 years old at the time, and crushed when it was not renewed for a second season.

But this is 2015. We are all older and more powerful now. The 640-horsepower Viper is packing 8.4-liters in its jeans, with bulges to kill — or die — for.viper 2015

Innuendo aside, the Viper is back in black for 2015 and game to compete with the Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 and Corvettes big and small. A new YouTube showcase highlights what makes the Viper special — with no shortage of full-throttle roars to stir the imagination.

The big news at the top of the Viper line for 2015 is the TA 2.0 package. New suspension tuning, grip package and aero tweaks are loud and proud. The carbon-fiber spats on the front bumper are a cool highlight for any production supercar, and the rear wing is a true F40-killer.

Stay tuned for info on the new 1-of-1 Dodge Viper custom colors preview in the new article….

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2015 Dodge Viper – DNA of a Supercar



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