Concept Flashback – 2002 Dodge Razor Was Driftable Rear-Drive Plaything

dodge razorWith a Razor scooter featured alongside the Razor concept, Dodge was feeling very silly and playful with the launch of this remarkably-sexy two-seater.

A turbocharger 2.4-liter engine mounted longitudinally under the hood up front with a big K&N cone filter lets you know this was no Neon. 2002 Dodge Razor 23 ???????????????????????????????????????????

Skinny tires front and rear mean the Razor was designed to be as drifty as a roller palette at CostCo.

Five-point harnesses and racing seats will keep you in place while seriously sideways, however.

We like the design overall, especially the extremely cool windshield wrap-around, near-vertical A-pillars and the chopped trunk and rear backlight.

2002 Dodge Razor2002 Dodge Razor 16 2002 Dodge Razor 17 2002 Dodge Razor 18 2002 Dodge Razor 19 2002 Dodge Razor 20 2002 Dodge Razor 21 ?????????? 2002 Dodge Razor 23 ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2002 Dodge Razor 13 2002 Dodge Razor 14

dodge razor

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