2014 Caterham Seven in the USA! Turn-Key, Street-Legal 280s Available Now From $50k

caterham usa gifThe dream track car is now alive and roaring around the USA, thanks to Superformance!

More than two dozen Caterham Sevens have been sold so far by the Superformance and Hillbank Motorsports distribution network, and more are arriving fresh every week. We explain all the trim levels and specifications below — but here is the shortcut: The engine installation and selection is just a quick option box to tick. The car arrives to you ready to register for plates, and ready to race on the weekends!

So hang those elbows out, floor the throttle and get shopping!

The Caterham 280 packs 140-horsepower, which is plennnnntttyy to learn the nimble handling attitude and darty corner stance of this all-time hero of a trackday car. 2014 Caterham USA Buyers Guide 56 2014 Caterham USA Buyers Guide 55 2014 Caterham USA Buyers Guide 54 2014 Caterham USA Buyers Guide 53 2014 Caterham USA Buyers Guide 13 2014 Caterham USA Buyers Guide 62 2014 Caterham USA Buyers Guide 61 2014 Caterham USA Buyers Guide 60 2014 Caterham USA Buyers Guide 59 2014 Caterham USA Buyers Guide 58 2014 Caterham USA Buyers Guide 57

Here are a few examples of the Caterhams available now and soon in the USA on the east and west coasts. Pricing with engines starts at about $49,000 for the 280, and adds about $10,000 per notch up the performance ladder. At the top of the group is the face-bendingly-rapid 620R in full F1 livery.

Very cool, and the RHD-only setup of the 620R will make the Elise and Exige crowd at trackdays look like rookies!

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2014 Caterham Seven 280 – USA Ready-to-Drive Price ~$50,000


Overview and Description

The World Famous Seven is back in the US the way it should have been all along!!!  The Seven is now available as a factory built rolling chassis (“Turn-Key Minus”).

Standard features:


·         Hand laminated fiberglass Wheel Wings & Nose Cone painted with show quality paint finish.  Aesthetically and dimensionally correct Aluminum body.

·         14” Alloy Wheels with Avon ZV3 Tires (6” Front & Rear)


·         Cloth Adjustable Seats.

·         Motolita Steering Wheel

·         Inertial Reel Seat Belts with Lap and Shoulder strap

Chassis and Suspension:

·         Tubular steel frame construction

·         De-Dion Rear Suspension with independent front suspension..


·         Four wheel disc brakes


·         Aluminum finished firewall which dissipates engine heat.

·         Locking gas cap.

·         10 gallon pressure tested stainless steel fuel tank.

·         Headers 1.6l Sigma 4 cylinder engine.

·         Stainless Steel Side Exhaust.

Licensing/ Registry/ Owners Clubs:

·         Caterham Authentic Product and Seven Registry eligible.

Aluminum & British Racing Green Seven 280 (Chassis SDKLDU3NS14071669) $33,900


  • Street Package – Weather Equipment (Windscreen, Heated Windshield, Full Roof System Including Doors & Armrests) Heater System, Carpeted Interior, Push Button Start $3,895
  • Roof Bag $165

Subtotal of Options: $4,060

Dealer Preparation & Destination Charges $500

Total Price of Chassis: $38,460

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