2015 Nissan JUKE Color Studio Offers 4000+ Unique Trims Via 12 Customizable Areas

 juke color studio

The new 2015 Nissan Juke Color Studio is a fantastic step forward for Nissan – with MINI-besting combinations of trims that total at least 4000 unique variations.

How? Over the eight base Juke coolors for 2015, shoppers can custom-color 12 sections of the body in unique accent shades. Everything from matte black wheels to carbon-fiber-effect wraps creates a mind-boggling level of one-of-a-kind Jukes.

Once a shopper has picked their ideal Juke Color Studio combination, the results can be sent right to the local Nissan dealer to be fitted to a new Juke on arrival.

The styling of the new Juke holds all these new trims and cool styles very nicely – -with the latest colors like Cosmic Blue and Bordeaux Black offering a big of NISMO-style design chic-ness to even the base Juke trims. For a car with pricing from $21,000 — there is no way to get a more unique crossover into your driveway.



 2015 Nissan JUKE Color Studio

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Updated 12.1.14

The 2015 Juke in the USA now brings the latest styling enhancements seen first in Geneva on the Euro-market Juke.

Included below are 2015 USA Juke prices. Watch this space for a follow-up article on the 2015 Juke’s new Color Studio accessories.


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