BMW M235i RS by TUNINGWERK Making 400+ HP – Performance Mod Items Available for USA and Global Buyers

The BMW M235i is easily one of the best, most complete sports-cars in the last decade. So fast, so agile and so fun.

There really is not much else with this triple threat of track prowess along with smooth and luxurious commuter capabilities.

But what if you want to go even more hardcore? To take this incredible engineering package and light the wick with a blowtorch?


To make your own GT-R-killer ready for any performance challenge — and delivering a huge grin all the way there and back — look no further than the below catalog from German car mod shop TUNINGWERK. Some great stuff itemized below.

Hot Track Lap Review - 2014 BMW M235i Is Most Fun and Best-Sounding Junior Supercar EVER GIF4Read the Road America track test review of the M235i here.

Think of it as your roadmap to 450-horsepower and a racecar laptime. These pieces are all for sale individually, and can be installed by most local auto shops once the boxed parts arrive to you here in the USA, or anywhere, worldwide.

My first picks if this were my M235i? 

  • The ECU reflash and valve-operated active exhaust!

As a final note – most of these parts will fit on the 235i or 228i as well. Happy modding!


BMW M235i RS by Tuningwerk


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Tuningwerk M235i RS_5 Tuningwerk M235i RS_4 Tuningwerk M235i RS_3 Tuningwerk M235i RS_2 Tuningwerk M235i RS_1 Tuningwerk M235i RS_21 Tuningwerk M235i RS_20 Tuningwerk M235i RS_19Tuningwerk M235i RS_18 Tuningwerk M235i RS_17 Tuningwerk M235i RS_16 Tuningwerk M235i RS_15 Tuningwerk M235i RS_14 Tuningwerk M235i RS_13 Tuningwerk M235i RS_12



 Tailor-made leather trim Whether you want to individualize your existing leather trim, or replace your fabric interior with leather, we cater to your needs.

Just ask us.
 Real carbon covers Elegant sportive carbon makes your car look and feel truely special.
 Carbon fibre front splitter for 2-series models The Tuningwerk carbon fibre front splitter is a direct fit for 2 series cars with M-Performance front bumpers.

Besides increased front downforce, it offers additional brake cooling.

In order to acchieve best possible durability, the splitter has been made from carbon-fibre-hybrid-material to withstand rough track use.
 Recaro PolePosition – Tuningwerk Edition These seats are a Tuningwerk special edition of the very popular Recaro PolePosition seats featuring orange stitching and a leather / alcantara trim.

Optional Tuningwerk seatrails lower the seating position making for optimized ergonomics while sheding some addtional weight.
 Recaro PolePosition carbon fibre The popular Recaro PolePosition seats featuring carbon fibre backcovers and black leather.
 Tuningwerk Spoiler V2 As an homage to the current DTM race cars, Tuningwerk has created this rear wing.

Fully adjustable to suit any kind of track.
 Rear carbon fibre diffusor insert – M235i The Tuningwerk rear diffusor, made from carbon-fibre-hybrid-material is a direct fit for cars with M-Sport rear bumper (such as M235i).

It underlines the cars sporty appearance.
 GT Spoiler – M3 GT Spoiler for E9x M3s including mounting hardware.
 Widebody kit – M235i Tuningwerk is offering a widebody kit for 2 series cars (M235i in particular).

Enables the use of bigger wheels and therefore creating more mechanical traction and faster laptimes.

But it just looks much better too!
 Alcantara covers Alcantara interior trim makes your car actually feel special.
 Carbon fibre rear-view mirror covers Carbon fibre rear-view mirror covers improve the cars overall appearance.
 BMW Performance Parts We offer the complete BMW performance product range. We look forward to talking with you.

 Ultra light forged Tuningwerk alloy rim Ultra lightweight forged alloy rims for trackdays and daily use.

Tested with OEM and KW suspensions.

Various sizes available.
Offset can be induvidualized upon request, ensuring a perfect fit for your car.

A 9,5 x 18″ rim weights in at about 7.3kg only!

With the 10,5 x 18″ rim coming in at a very light 7.7kg!
 ATS Rim Superlight ATS Superlight rims available in racing-black and racing titanium.

Various sizes available upon request!
 ATS Rim Racelight Ceramic polished.

Various sizes available!
 OZ Rim Alleggerita HLT Available in many colors like: titanium tech, matt graphite, matt black, race gold, white, orange, matt red, matt blue.

Various sizes upon request!
 ATS Felge Twinlight Racing black with polished front.

Available in many sizes!


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