The Porsche Story in 37 Rare Photos – A Winners Racing Legacy

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Porsche is ambitious to a fault. It is a core brand trait to excel in almost every single way -

To the point where many thought a win at LeMans this year was almost an inevitability.

Preparation, research, expertise and brilliance.... Equals: Porsche Racing.

So when the 919 suffered out on the track, it was partial global surprise and partial relief. I mean, if Porsche could come in and snatch the title from Audi after 12 near-consecutive wins for Audi Motorsport -- what does that really "say" about Audi?

PORSCHE 919 mini animation

Nothing too flattering. So a bit of a relief, a bit of a letdown, and a bit of humanity showing through the titanium Porsche shield.

Lest we not forget, Porsche has been victorious at LeMans more than any other company -- including the Auto Union guys with the four-ring badge.

Here is a look back at some of Porsche's greatest hits, starting with the innovative machine designed by Ferdinand Porsche when he worked for Audi's predecessor brand.

The Porsche Story in 37 Rare Photos - A Winners Racing Legacy

1969_Porsche_917_16_cylinder auto_union_p52 25_examples_of_the_Porsche_917_built_in_1969_for_motor_sport_Porsche_55727 Porsche_Gruppe_B_Studie_ 1983 IAA

Porsche_908_LH_Le_Mans_1968_Porsche_55728Porsche_917_winner_Le_Mans_1971_Porsche_55734 Timo_Bernhard_leads_Sebring_12_hours_2008_in_Porsche_RS_Spyder Porsche_Typ_961_in_Le_Mans_1987_Porsche_55740 Porsche_Typ_935_Turbo_in_Le_Mans_1977_Porsche_55735   Porsche_936_winner_Le_Mans_1977_Porsche_55736 Le_Mans_1987_Porsche_962_Porsche_55739Porsche_917_winner_Le_Mans_1971_Porsche_55734 IMG_2459 IMG_2449 IMG_2533 IMG_2482Porsche_Typ_935_Turbo_in_Le_Mans_1977_Porsche_55735Porsche_911_Turbo_celebrates_40_years Porsche_911_GT1_winner_Le_Mans_1998_Porsche_55741 Le_Mans_1987_Porsche_962_Porsche_55739 New_Porsche_911_Targa_makes_Goodwood_debut New_Porsche_Cayman_GTS New_Porsche_Macan_stars_at_Goodwood_Festival_of_SpeedPorsche_Team_works_driver_Marc_Lieb Porsche_Team_works_driver_Mark_Webber Porsche_Team_works_driver_Brendon_Hartley Marc_Lieb_in_Porsche_918_Spyder_sets_production_car_lap_record_at_Nurburging_2013Porsche_911_GT1_1998_winner_Le_Mans

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