Best of Awards — 2014 Mazda3 Sedan and Hatch — The Smartest Compact Car in America

The Mazda3 is an amazing, incredible achievement.

2014 Mazda3 Sedan - White Turntable GIF

While preparing this article, I could not help being stunned by these tasteful, unique and attractive designs inside and out.

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Both the 5-door and the brand-new four-door sedan are extremely good-looking and sophisticated cars from all angles.

2014 Mazda3 Sedan - Liquid Silver  Turntable GIF

I thought to myself — is this the thinking man’s BMW or VW Golf? As I moved further into the specs, I realized — this is just a brilliant package up and down the range!

Real-Life 5-Door GIF - 2014 Mazda3

Automatic, manual, small engine or big: the Mazda3 just nails every single category or theoretical competitor I can think to name.

2014 Mazda3 4D CGI (04) 2014 Mazda3 5D NYC (36)

It is so good, so advanced, and so affordable from just $16,900 — it must with the Car-Revs-Daily Best of Award! (Yes, we do these honors year-round when appropriate.)

2014 Mazda3 5D NYC (26) crop 2014 Mazda3 5D NYC (27) 2014 Mazda3 5D NYC (39) 2014 Mazda3 5D NYC (41)

The new sedan maintains all the merits of the first-launched hatch: including outstanding efficiency, handling and even style.

There really is none of the previous Mazda3 sedan’s ‘stubby-ness’ in the tail section, while the LEDs front and rear might be a new favorite of mine at any price.

liquidsilver_black_06 liquidsilver_black_07 liquidsilver_black_08 liquidsilver_black_09

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