New Range Rover Sport HSE in 30 Real-Life Photos (and 20 Fake-Life Photos) + Tech Specs — HSE V6 Priced from $64k

The all-new 2014 Range Rover Sport has arrived! The first few boatloads of this hot new luxury truck are unloading as we speak — but demand is still far outstripping supply.

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So how does the new RRS look in person? Very nice and modern, thank-you-very-much.

Sidebar: Starting to think I did not win the #IamDriven contest, by the way. These latest photos already appear to be from Carmel, California. Sad panda – worked hard on these entries=]

On second glance, these California-based photos appear to be… cleverly inserted onto the PCH digitally. A glimmer of hope remains!

Even in the standard-engine HSE specification with a price from $64,000, the 3.0-liter supercharged V6 Range Rover Sport is a vastly superior machine to the outgoing model.

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The biggest change? While the old RRS rode on Discovery underpinnings, the new model carries its big Range Rover brother’s aluminum chassis design. This creates benefits in every area — especially with a new-for-2014 seven seat configuration.

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60-mph is quoted at 6.9 seconds for the V6 models, and down to 5.0-seconds dead for the supercharged, 510-horsepower V8 models from $91,000 and up.


The best of all worlds? Perhaps the (much cheaper) HSE V6 model with some giant KAHN alloys and blacked-out privacy glass all around?


Do not forget to order the body-colored sills and lower panels when ordering to achieve max curb appeal.

Uh oh, tinted windows talk? Keen readers may recall that the first, Daniel Craig-driven 2014 Range Rover Sport’s appearance was leaked by none other than a New York-based tinting shop.

Perhaps time to start adding tints right from the factory, chaps?

Regardless – the exterior is evolutionary but the cockpit is the real all-star of this new generation model. Comfort, luxury and tech all take a huge, three-generation leap in a single bound.

2014 Range Rover Sport HSE (V6) – Real-Life Photos


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