2014 BMW 228i and M235i Herald New Dawn of 5-second RWD Coupes from $33k

If there is one downside of the new 428i's butch stance and wide proportions, it might be the price that comes along with it.

2014 BMW 228i and M235i 1GIF

Not sure if you've been keeping track, but it is extremely easy to spend $60,000 on a loaded 3 or 4 series BMW these days.

So what if legroom in back could be sacrificed in a big wheelbase chop, along with fewer pounds from these tight new overhangs?

You will would land on the all-new 228i and M235i.

2014 BMW 228i and M235i 2GIF

The 228i starts just below $33,000 in its sport line trim. The 228i's official sprint time is 5.5 seconds, but this will feel like a rocketship on full boost.

2014 BMW 228i and M235i 68

Any of the below really becomes a wide and low-looking Jr. M4 from most angles.

The detailing in the grille of the M Sport is particularly satisfying.

2014 BMW M235i M Performance 1GIF

The 228i and M235i are available now to build, and on American roads in Spring 2014.

2014 BMW 228i and M235i - Exteriors

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2014 BMW 228i and M235i - Interiors

2014 BMW 228i and M235i INTERIOR 1GIF

2014 BMW M235i with M Performance Upgrades


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2014 BMW 228i and M235i 2GIF

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