Toyota CALTY Design Teams – Then with 1978 Celica and Now with 2014 FT1 Concept

I was going to add these charming images from Toyota to the FT1 article from earlier today – but decided to feature this talented team in a stand-alone article.


Toyota Pacific Design CALTY teams 1978 and 2014 GIF

The below image shows the CALTY team with one of their first full projects, the hugely-successful 1978 Celica. This Celica eventually became the Celica Supra, and then the Supra we all know and love.



The Celica was a surprise global hit outside its core US market, providing Toyota the platform to affordable high-performance sports cars.

The 2000GT, for all its brilliant alloy panels and optional automatic gearbox – was a very pricey proposition then and now. Less than 400 of the original Toyota supercar were made in total from ~1964-1967.



The next photo is the 2014 team, who have been working away on some wild concept ideas for the FT1 concept. While imagination is great and all – every panel on the FT1 has to be justified by science and research.


To bring such a high style with what is clearly a future-tech showcase – we say Bravo Toyota CALTY.

Very cool, Toyota CALTY Studio!

Surprise! Drop-Dead Sexy Toyota Supercar GIF




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