Daimler Running Big Trucks in Tr4 via 2014 Freightliner Argosy (Villain) vs Western Star (Hero)

Big trucks, be nice!

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If there was ever a bad-guy in the truck world, it is a cab-over semi truck with a maniacal driver just inches behind the front bumper.


The Cab-Over style seems absurd from basic aero principles, but does offer big benefits in such tight turning radii.


But Transformers 4 comes out in just a few months, on 6.27.14.

Did they miss the coolest new Daimler truck? The Freightliner Revolution is the best looking of the bunch, in my opinion.


In addition, Transformers 4 shows a slow progression by Michael Bay and Co. toward reclaiming the original styles of the Autobots.

CarRevsDaily.com-Freghtliner-Argosy-Header-Image9999-Tr4 CarRevsDaily.com-Freghtliner-Argosy-Header-Image-Tr4 transformers-4_1372669666

I'm no movie-nut, and never read comics. But I did love Transformers as a kid. Bought the box set DVD of season two in 2002, ironically, and found it utterly unwatchable.


But I do remember one thing. Bumblebee was a Beetle and Optimus Prime was a flat-front semi truck. What American kids call a tractor-trailer-truck.

Dear VW USA - Beetle GSR is Not Cool 9 Dear VW USA - Beetle GSR is Not Cool 8

It remains unclear if the new Freightliner Argosy is a good guy or bad guy, but the stern appearance of its LED lighting certainly points toward villain.


Western Star has created another ... very unique... livery for Optimus Prime.

Both brands are part of the Daimler Group of trucks, showing what a nice avenue Michael Bay is into the global trucks market in general.

Freightliner Revolution Concept

Freightliner Revo GIF99999


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