Car Shopping: 2014.5 Toyota Camry SE Updates Styling With Dark Rotor Wheels

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The 2014.5 Camry is subtly revised versus the 2014 models, with largely tech upgrades and enhanced features and packages across the line. - 2014.5 Toyota Camry SE Buyers Guide 38


As the long-running sales champ, the Camry is not quite a "stop and stare" type of car to see on the street. This continues for 2014.5 for all the LE and XLE trims from about $23,000 and up. - 2014.5 Toyota Camry SE Buyers Guide 54 - 2014.5 Toyota Camry SE Buyers Guide 7

The SE model is by far the best-looking of the bunch, with a far better style all around. Most notably - up front, where the SE Camry uses a new grille style, lower air dam with central painted elements, and a few other tweaks. - 2014.5 Toyota Camry SE Buyers Guide 31

A nice treat for value shoppers is a choice of V6 or standard four-cylinder power for this generation of SE Camry, versus its V6-only setup in previous years.

Toyota summarizes the model differences below:

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Exterior Design
The new-generation Camry employs an elegantly simple but modern form, emphasizing a wide, lower stance than previous models.

The LE and XLE feature additional exterior chrome trim, and the SE grade has its own lower-body design, fine-mesh upper grille section and integrated trunk spoiler.

Fog lights are standard on the XLE and SE grades. The SE also is distinguished by a three-part lower grille section housing fog lamps, along with black sport trim headlamp bezels. - 2014.5 Toyota Camry SE Buyers Guide 10 - 2014.5 Toyota Camry SE Buyers Guide 8

2014.5 Toyota Camry - SE


2014.5 Toyota Camry - LE, XLE and Hybrid models

2014.5 Toyota Camry SE Animated GIF

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