Acura NSX (Concept) Makes Thrilling Track Debut in Gran Turismo 6

NSX Concept GT6

GT6 came out today for PlayStation 4, which just launched two weeks ago. Confirmed sales of the console in its first 14 days on the market:

  • More than 2.1 Million Units Sold.

By some rough number crunching, without any currency checks or actual retail pricing, Sony just got the ultimate Christmas present:

  • More than One Trillion Dollars in Revenue.

  • IN 14 DAYS!

What business are *we* in!? Just kidding…

Gran Turismo®6 Acura NSX Concept

Acura NSX Concept Gives First Track Thrills in GT6

After some well-intentioned, but “strange-looking” renderings of the future production Acura NSX earlier this week here on CarRevsDaily, some exciting official news from Acura regarding the NSX.

The Acura release does caveat that this is the 2012 NSX concept – not the real car arriving in calendar year 2015 to American Acura dealers.

Regardless, the NSX is playable in the game, with all the world-class physics engines of the Gran Turismo / Polyphony Digital team’s expertise.

Gran Turismo®6 Acura NSX Concept

From reports read by us, the process of collecting a car’s sample for Gran Turismo is very, very complicated.

Basically, the team of 30-plus engineers is dispatched to the track with the goal of capturing perhaps 3 terabytes of data in less than 10 hours.


– all mass / measurements / ultra-4K resolution action capture tech

– 3D modeling of all car actions (lights, brakes, doors, crashes, engines, tires, sounds, sights, motion)

– all dynamic handling traits

– all performance figures (demonstrated by “real” car on day of testing)

– everything.

Gran Turismo®6 Acura NSX Concept

I would not be surprised if the GT6 team did a cheek swab 23&me DNA test on all the chief engineers of the main cars in the game too.

All this data is then crunched for years, and eventually, should result in a the realistic driving simulator promise of the Gran Turismo game series.

Hopefully the NSX is a fun drive in the game – a proper supercar to run with the fastest racing classes.

Gran Turismo®6 Acura NSX Concept

Official Acura NSX Concept – GT6 Stills


Acura NSX Concept

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