Latest BMW 435i Track Photos Show Beautiful Proportions and Nose Details

Shocking absolutely no one: the new BMW 4-series coupe looks outstanding in motion!

435i Dynamic Images Animation

The latest track images from BMW show the 435i in silver, with dozens of images of the coupes racing around a compact track.

The beauty and stance of the BMW coupe has never been in question. It is simply a hot, hot car. If any friend of yours has one, you know that it draws in envious stares at every stop light.

Latest BMW 435i Track Photos Show Beautiful Proportions 10

Even other BMW drivers wish their car were a 435i coupe.

BMW 435i Coupé Sport Line, Melbourne Rot, 306 PS, 400 Nm, Interieur: Leder Dakota Schwarz, Alu Längsschliff fein, Akzentleiste korallrot matt

But when launched, the 428i and 435i Coupes did not receive the rapturous reception deserved of this benchmark sports car. The styling is complex, and highly variable by trim level.

Latest BMW 435i Track Photos Show Beautiful Proportions 63

Overall, the new nose is defined by a plunging hoodline – accentuating the rear-drive proportions of this coupe even more.

Latest BMW 435i Track Photos Show Beautiful Proportions 29

Complex surfaces form the grille and swooping lights, while the lower chin spoiler and bumper is totally unique versus the 335i sedan.

Flowing and encircling the lower fog-lamps, the chin spoiler looks great up close and in action.

Latest BMW 435i Track Photos Show Beautiful Proportions 11

For buyers, this coupe is a dream. Coming in 428i or 435i engines, with xDrive optional, and a choice between the excellent eight-speed automatic or a snicky six-speed manual for every combination.

Optional Adaptive LED Lighting – Animated Demonstration

435i LED Demo Animation

The M Sport package brings a much nicer steering wheel with tiny spokes and really cool shift paddles, but avoid the optional Sports wheel that looks pregnant with twin airbags. It is very wide in the center like the previous M5.

435s M Sport Tiny Cool Steering Wheel

Estoril Blue is a gorgeous new color and is only offered on the M Sport trim line, so will be quite rare on the roads.

Latest BMW 435i Track Photos Show Beautiful Proportions 57

With everything I could want set into the BMW Configurator, my 435i M Sport rang in at about $54,000.



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